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Health, Tech and Trades Career Expo

The Health, Tech & Trades Career Expo is designed to help ninth graders explore different careers and education opportunities. The focus is two-year or technical degree career opportunities. The Expo supports industries that will continue to need qualified, skilled workers in the future.

Providing opportunities for area youth to see what is available to them right here in Fargo-Moorhead will fulfill this need. Students want to hear from those in the "real world" about careers in your business. Providing them the necessary training, scholarships and/or apprenticeships when available and possible part-time opportunities while completing their education will go a long way.  Hands-on experiences or visual demonstrations engage and motivate students. They learn more and their curiosity is piqued which leads to a desire to find out more.

If your business is interested in having a booth at the expo or would like to sponsor the event, email Jordan Holte or visit the Expo's website.