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Here is a summary of the Fargo-Moorhead metro area's largest new housing developments in terms of ready-to-build, available lots or new homes for sale in 2020. Many different types of communities exist for all types of buyers; whether you're looking for a small or large development, a golf course setting, lake atmosphere, family-friendly neighborhood or senior living, our diverse builders and developers offer it. 

This is just a glimpse of the developments available. Contact your Realtor, builder or city government for other new housing development options.

Click here to view the online version of the development map!


  1. Summerwood Addition (7th St. N.E. and 15th Ave. N.) is a 16-acre master-planned residential subdivision with uniquely shaped large lots and a large pond.
  2. Woodbridge Addition (Highway 10 and 7th St. N.) offers residential lots for buyers and an eight-acre recreation area with walking paths, a playground and picnic area. It is minutes from shopping, eating and recreation in a quiet setting with quick access to Fargo-Moorhead.


  1. Horizon Shores (34th St. S. and 24th Ave. S.) is a master-planned community that offers a 35-acre public lake, two miles of walking paths, a new regional park, new school facilities, mature trees and more. It is located just north of I-94 in Moorhead.
  2. Village Green 6th Addition (32nd Ave. S. and 32nd St. S.) includes affordable options for first-time home buyers and move-up buyers. The neighborhoods of Village Green have developed over the past 30-plus years, and include more housing options near the Village Green Golf Course.
  3. Shepherd Meadows (40th Ave. and 31st St. S.) offers a variety of home design options including single family, villa and twin homes. It is near the South Side Regional Park/Moorhead Soccer Complex, and will include a future park.
  4. Parkview Addition (Village Green Blvd. and 28th St. S.) is adjacent to the South Side Regional Park/Moorhead Soccer Complex and offers single-family and twin home options.
  5. Johnson Farms (14th St. S. and 37th Ave. S.) is near Reinertsen Elementary. It includes a neighborhood park, and is near the South Side Regional Park/Moorhead Soccer Complex.
  6. Prairie Meadows (15th St. S. and 45th Ave. S.) is a master-planned development with a variety of home design options and is located south of Reinertsen Elementary.
  7. Stonemill Estates (14th St. S. and 44th Ave. S.) is near Reinertsen Elementary. It includes two neighborhood parks and trails.
  8. Hampton Place (46th Ave. S. and 6th St. S.) is a planned development with various price ranges amenable to most buyers with classic lighting and architectural control.
  9. Tessa Terrace (50th Ave. S. west of 3rd St.) is a planned development designed with bike trails, waterways and fountains with spacious building sites and architectural control.


  1. Edgewood Estates (northeast of 32nd Ave. N. and Elm St. N.) was platted in summer of 2014 and offers 59 single-family lots near Edgewood golf course.
  2. Eagle Point (south of 70th Ave. S. and just west of University Dr. S.) is a single-family development located near the new Davies High School. The development features a large pond and park facility with connecting trails throughout the development and Milwaukee Trail. The development will consist of 202 single-family lots with approximately 36 lots directly abutting the pond and park improvements.
  3. Crofton Coves (northeast of 70th Ave. S. and 25th St. S.) will provide 133 lots for single-family and twin-home development. There will also be over six acres of parkland included on the southeast corner of this development.
  4. Legacy (northeast of 64th Ave. S. and 25th St. S.) continues to expand. A fourth phase was added, providing lots for 230 houses and more for commercial development. This development contains a 4.5 acre park. It is also adjacent to Bennett Elementary and bike paths. Approximately 52 lots are available with infrastructure with an additional 110 lots pending the installation of infrastructure.
  5. Golden Valley (west 25th St. S. and 70th Ave. S.) will provide 83 lots for single-family development. Bike paths are located next to the addition along 25th Street South and parkland is proposed near Cass County Drain 53.
  6. Woodhurst (northwest of 64th Ave. S. and 25th St. S.) was platted in the summer of 2014 and offers 14 single-family lots.
  7. Maple Valley (south of the city of Frontier and east of I-29) contains over 150 single-family lots, over 90 twin-home lots, multi-dwelling lots and commercial lots. Currently there are 42 lots available with infrastructure. It also has about 20 acres of park with bike trails throughout.
  8. Prairie Farms (southwest of 52nd Ave. S. and 25th St. S.) was platted in summer of 2014 and offers 73 single-family lots, seven of which are over one acre in size.
  9. Timber Creek (northwest of 52nd Ave. S. and 25th St. S.) was platted in spring of 2014 and offers 78 single-family lots and 32 twin-home lots.
  10. Cottagewood (north east of 42nd St. S. and 52nd Ave. S.) will provide 79 lots for single-family development, 17 lots for single-family and twin-home development and two lots for multi-dwelling residential development. The addition will also provide over six acres for parkland with access to existing and new bike trials.
  11. The Pines at the District (southwest of 52nd Ave. S. and 42nd St. S.) will provide 124 lots for single-family development, 10 lots for twin home development and five lots for multi-dwelling residential development. The addition also includes about eight acres of parkland and will have a bike trail running across several of the residential blocks.
  12. Deer Creek (south of 52nd Ave. S. and east of the Sheyenne River) contains 763 single-family and twin-home lots. Currently 360 are available with infrastructure, and the balance of the lots will become available as additional infrastructure is installed for the future phases. The addition will provide two parks that total over 22 acres. Bike trails will be located throughout the development.
  13. Rocking Horse Farm (northwest of 52nd Ave. S. and Veterans Blvd.) was platted in fall of 2014 and offers 132 single-family lots.
  14. Brandt Crossing (southwest of 32nd Ave. S. and 45th St. S.) provides 163 lots consisting of single-family and twin homes. The addition also contains multi-dwelling and commercial lots. Over 12 acres of parks are located within this development, which includes a bike trail. Approximately eight lots are still available.
  15. Valley View (northeast of 40th Ave. S. and Veterans Blvd.) provides 63 lots for single-family development. The addition includes a new elementary school, large 17-acre park, and bike trials. There are currently 51 lots still available for development. Future additions to Valley View will include single-family lots, twin-home lots, multi-dwelling lots and commercial lots.
  16. Farmstead at Brandt (southeast of 32nd Ave. S. and Veterans Blvd) provides 86 lots for single-family and twin-home development. The development sits adjacent to a large park of about 12 acres, complete with bike trails. All 79 lots are currently available.

West Fargo

  1. The Preserve (between I-94 and 32nd Ave. E., and west of Veterans Blvd.) is a large, quickly developing master-planned development with single-family, medium-density and higher-density residential, parks, an elementary school, church/private school and commercial office and mixed-use. The development will have a system of pedestrian linkages which connect water features, park and school facilities with adjoining residential neighborhoods.
  2. Shadow Wood and Shadow Creek (between the Sheyenne River and Veterans Blvd.) is part of a master-planned community. As a new urbanism development, the developer promotes a walkable neighborhood with clustered greenways, gathering spaces, pedestrian/bikeways, ponds and the Sheyenne River. Home design accentuates the most desirable features of the house. Shadow Wood is in the final phase of development, whereas Shadow Creek is in phase five.
  3. Westview (north of 40th Ave. E. and west of Veterans Blvd. and Sheyenne High School) is a newly opening single-family development with smaller, affordable lots. Phase one consists of nearly 50 lots and is located on the west side of 7th St. E., which borders the Sheyenne High School and Liberty Middle School.
  4. Reserve at Osgood (40th Ave. E. and east of the Sheyenne River) is a newer development with over 70 single-family homes. The development is near the Sheyenne High School, Liberty Middle School and Osgood development with a golf course. It has pedestrian/bikeway linkages to adjacent neighborhoods.
  5. Westport Beach/The Wilds (between 40th Ave. W. and 66th Ave. W., west of Sheyenne St.) are developing neighborhoods consisting of condominiums, twin homes and single-family homes. The developers have designed a walkable community with large park/open spaces, water features and pedestrian/bikeway connections throughout the development and to other neighborhoods. Westport Beach is substantially developed, whereas the two phases of The Wilds are open with over 400 upscale single-family lots, and elementary school, park properties and water feature properties.
  6. Eagle Run (32nd Ave. W. and Sheyenne St.) is a substantially developed neighborhood with a mix of upscale single-family, entry-level single-family, multi-family and neighborhood commercial development. The neighborhood is built around a system of neighborhood parks, a regional park and an elementary school linked with pedestrian/bikeways.
  7. Maple Ridge at the Preserve (north of 32nd Ave. E. and east of the Sheyenne River) is a substantially developed neighborhood with nearly 130 single-family lots in addition to a neighborhood park, medium-density and higher-density multi-family residential. The development is linked to adjacent developments with pedestrian/bikeway paths and located near an elementary school and park facilities.
  8. River's Bend at the Preserve (In the Preserve, west of 4th St. E., north of Maple Ridge) is a master-planned, upscale single-family community with over 180 lots in the first two phases. It is located in the established Preserve community between the heavily wooded Sheyenne River and Freedom Elementary School. The development includes a 10-foot recreational trail around green space and a large pond with many association maintained amenities and landscaping.
  9. Charleswood (13th Ave. S. and Sheyenne St.) is a substantially developed upscale master-planned community. The neighborhood is bordered on the west by the Sheyenne River and has three neighborhood lakes, pedestrian/bikeway facilities and Cheney Middle School.
  10. Eaglewood (between 26th Ave. W. and 32nd Ave. W. and West of Sheyenne St.) is a significant newly opening single-family attached and detached residential development with smaller affordable lots, as well as medium and larger-sized lots. Phase one and two of the development have over 260 lots and is located just north of a regional park. It borders the Sheyenne Diversion and will be pedestrian-friendly with pedestrian/bikeway linkages and a neighborhood park facility.
  11. Brooks Harbor (north of Eaglewood, west of Sheyenne St.) is a new developing neighborhood containing a mix of single-family, twin-home and multi-family lots. The development will include pond and park facilities with pedestrian/bikeway linkages to adjacent developments.
  12. West Creek (13th Ave. W. and 15th St. W.) is a newly opening development with twin homes and higher-density multi-family.
  13. Goldenwood (12th Ave. NW and Cass County #17) is in the final phase of development for an established neighborhood. The final phase includes 188 twin-home and single-family lots around a park and a retention pond, as well as highly coveted lots along the Sheyenne River.