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Use the items in this section to prepare for building new or remodeling. Start here to explore all the possibilities of your new home or home improvement project.

  • Explore the most active developments for new housing in the F-M metro area.
  • Read our tips and use our buyer's cost statement and amortization schedule to determine what you can afford.
  • Check out our tips for insuring your home.
  • Not all plans are up for grabs! The copyright item will help you avoid problems when planning for your new home or re-design.
  • DIY or Pro helps you determine what projects to tackle yourself, and what may be best left to the professionals.
  • Remodeling ROI gives tips on maximizing your return on investment when fixing up an existing house.
  • For more home buying, building and remodeling tips, you can refer to our affiliated state associations' websites and the National Association of Home Builders' newsletter "HouseKeys."