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West Fargo Middle Schoolers “Drill” Into Careers in Construction

May 18, 2021- Home Builders Care participated in West Fargo Cheney Middle School’s ‘’career event’’ held at the school. More than 700 students in 7th and 8th grade participated. The students were broke into groups of 20-25 students and had 10 minutes at each station. There were 7 stations at both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Students Interacting.jpg

Above: Home Builders Care’s booth with students gathering around the hammer/nail station and the drilling station


Home Builders Care showcased careers in the construction industry with a hammer/nail station, a drilling station and a prize wheel station. Students learned the proper way to hammer in a nail and by the end of the day over 2000 nails were used. Many of the students had never worked with power tools before and after getting to try it were excited about the experience. The prize wheel was a big hit to find out more about the careers in the industry. After spinning and landing on a construction trade, students were asked to guess what that trade does and what the annual salary for an entry level position might be. Volunteers put an emphasis on high school classes that could help them get more information and experience.


Above: the aftermath of hands-on learning

Below: Safety first! (technique second)


The rain held off just until the event was finished, making sure every student got to experience the fun!

Thank you to the volunteers that helped run the Home Builders Care booth:

Dustin Murray (Dustin Murray Construction)

Ben Anderson (Benjamin Custom Homes)

Nancy Kelly (Labor Masters)

Abbey Wick (NDSU)

Hammer and nails.jpg

Above: Middle School Students hammer away at the Cheney Middle School Career Event