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Introducing... A brand, new exclusive perk

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Fresh benefit + safety hints for a sparkling New Year

As we relax into winter, tap into safety training expertise and exclusive deals through your Home Builders Association. HBA of F-M partners with OECS’s Safety Team, bringing their knowledge to your jobsite at significant savings.

And, we have a brand, spanking new perk to highlight in the New Year!

OECS’s full name is OSHA + Environmental Compliance Systems, but they are NOT OSHA. Their experts are here to help you comply, keep your crew safe and avoid fines. Plain and simple.

Without further ado, here’s the new perk ->

Build Your Own Safety Day

Don’t have the time to prepare or plan for annual training? Don’t have a trainer or resources? Let OECS help with a Build Your Own Safety Day! How long? 2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours – you decide! Click here to see the options. Capitalize on a little extra downtime and slower pace before springtime revs its engine.

Don’t forget, OECS also offers discounts ranging from 10 – 50% to HBA of F-M members on many of their safety services including jobsite audits and customized safety plans.


Spring preview & a summer recap

HBA hosted a successful Breakfast Summer Safety Series last year serving over 65 members and the HBA's Education Committee is planning more dates for April, May, June and July.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come for topics:

  • Build site processes in complying with OSHA – what is realistic;
  • Telehandler/scissor lifts and regulations for their baskets;
  • Workforce Safety & Insurance discounts and how to access.


Bummed out because you missed our hands-on sessions last summer? You’re in luck because we recorded and made them available for just $15. Contact Krista Mund at (701) 232-5846. Here are a few of the valuable tips OECS Regional Manager Cody Hedberg shared with members regarding fall protection, stairs and ladder safety and scaffolding:

  • Define the role of the competent person in fall protection and scaffolding
  • Define the different types of fall protection that can be used
  • The training required for fall protection, ladder use and scaffold
  • Proper stairway set-up
  • Proper ladder set-up and use
  • Maintenance and care of ladders
  • Handrail, guardrail and lighting requirements for stairways
  • Requirements for scaffolding in construction     
  • Access points
  • Inspections of scaffold before use