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Winter wisdom for construction compliance

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Navigating cold-weather construction in Fargo, West Fargo and Dilworth

As winter quickly approaches, staying informed about local regulations and best practices is crucial to decrease headaches and ensure compliance. In mid-November, HBA of F-M was joined by building officials from Fargo, West Fargo and Dilworth to hear key insights and recommendations.


The following is a synopsis of reminders given. 


Concrete-pouring in cold weather:

With colder temperatures, extra precautions are necessary when pouring concrete. Blankets, heating, and other measures are essential.

Lately, there has been an issue of homeowners and builders widening driveways without proper authorization. Please note: a permit from a contractor licensed with the city to perform right-of-way improvements is needed.

Deck installations and inspections: 

Builders are urged to schedule framing and final inspections for deck installations soon. If the deck is covered with snow, it becomes difficult to inspect.

If you have any issues identified during framing inspections, schedule a follow-up to show the corrections once finished. Especially for critical elements like stairs.

West Fargo

Capping houses and heating foundations:

Remember to cap houses once the foundation is laid. 

The city has approved a soft closing on all city right-of-way work, including sidewalks.

Concrete approaches and third-party inspections: 

Make sure that your concrete approaches for residential homes are in soon and that they allow for two parking spots for each home. Slabs in garages must be in before a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is given.

Remember to please use blankets on driveways. If it becomes a problem and issues persist, the city is looking at implementing third-party inspections.

Sidewalk protection and repairs on corner lots: 

On corner lots, they’ve been seeing issues with sidewalks being poured on one side, and vehicles causing cracks when driving over them. The city would like the sidewalk repaired before issuing a CO.

Please note there's a distinction between a broken panel and a crack, and measures should be taken to protect sidewalks during construction activities, ex: a ramp to cover the sidewalk. 

Timely foundation inspections:

Please ensure you are calling for foundation inspections as they need to happen.

Dilworth and Glyndon

Special approach design:

Dilworth and Glyndon have specific guidelines for approach design that must be followed. Make sure you are properly following those guidelines.

Jobsite cleanliness and environmental practices:

Please remember to maintain cleanliness, implement proper stormwater practices, and keep streets free of debris.

Whether it is navigating concrete challenges, addressing deck issues, or following specific approach designs, staying informed and proactive is key for projects.


Pictured above (l. to r.): Shawn Ouradnik, Fargo; Mark Housh, West Fargo and Steve Schroeder, Dilworth and surrounding areas.

Please ensure you are communicating with inspectors. If you have any questions regarding the information above or your own projects, please contact: 

Fargo: Shawn Ouradnik, (701) 476-4147,
West Fargo: Mark Housh, (701) 515-5383,
Dilworth, Glyndon: Steve Schroeder, (218) 287-2313,

written by Elizabeth Kosel, Education & Public Affairs Coordinator