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Building Officials Corner - June

Category: Build-Remodel-Topics

written by Keith Asheim, Horace City Inspector

The city of Horace grows is growing and so is our storm water management program.

We have recently added storm water management information to our website and will be continuing to add information as needed. When working in Horace city or in our extraterritorial jurisdiction, contractors are required to comply with our Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) requirements.

The city will be performing compliance checks, so in addition to onsite compliance, please be prepared to provide documentation and reports that are given to you by the city and your NDPDES from the state.  This includes applications, methods of control, timelines, inspections and logs.


A growing development in Horace.

I would also like to thank you all for your patience this year. We will continue to work towards reviewing applications and carrying out inspections promptly, although please plan accordingly that we are currently experiencing a delay in issuing permits due to demand.

We are working to improve our service, and we will be posting a new building inspector/plan reviewer  and a seasonal stormwater inspector to assist with the building permit process of our growing city.


Keith Asheim, Horace City Inspector