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Building Officials Corner - April

Category: Build-Remodel-Topics

written by Jack Nyberg, Moorhead Building Official

Greetings to all contractors, HBA members, subcontractors and homeowners doing their own projects. I would like everyone to know that we have transitioned to a new permitting process over the past year and after having my doubts about it. I can honestly say has worked out very well. The application process for obtaining a permit goes like this.


  1. A permit application and complete supporting documents are submitted, either electronically or as paper, to the City of Moorhead building codes division where one of our four staff reviews it for processing.
  2. Upon approval, application notice is emailed to the entity that made the permit submittal.
  3. Payment for the application can be made via email, phone or written check.
  4. Upon receiving payment, staff will convert the application to a permit and send it to the original applicant.

I have to say this wasn’t my preferred path because I’m a creature of habit and the new process seemed a little confusing, but all of you have gone through this process and made the this transition a success.

I thank you and everyone for your cooperation, understanding and willingness to work with us on this. Take care!