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Savings For You + SAFE Employees

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OECS Partnership = Savings For You + SAFE Employees

How do you meet budget, ensure quality work and make sure all your employees go home safe EVERY day? HBA of F-M partners with OECS’s Safety Team to bring their knowledge to your job site at significant savings!

OECS can customize for your size and operation.


As an introduction to OECS, we asked Melissa and Cody to provide some valuable information in a guest blog post.


Did You Know?

WSI Offers Max Savings Of 25% For ND Employers

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             Cody Hedberg | Regional Manager                    Melissa Olheiser | Business Development Lead

North Dakota employers are eligible to apply for Safety Incentive Programs (SIP) through Workforce Safety & Insurance and receive discounts by participating in various programs. Companies who are enrolled in the programs and actively participating in the SIP can receive a maximum discount of 25%.

Companies who are already committed to safety can take advantage of discount savings by applying and enrolling in SIP programs. Employers who are working on increasing their safety programs can utilize the SIP to support their efforts of growing their safety programs.

The purpose of the SIP is to recognize and correct safety hazards in the workplace to prevent injuries and illnesses, and ultimately have all employees go home safely at the end of the day.

Safety Management Program (SMP)

The SMP is designed to assist employers in developing or improving current safety management systems. A WSI Safety Consultant will conduct assessments based on the SMP requirements and develop plans to assist employers in making improvements. Employers who successfully participate in WSI’s SMP can receive a premium discount of 10%.

Safety Action Menu (SAM)

The SAM program is designed to provide employers with options that allow them to choose and implement safety improvement programs that meet their business needs. Employers can receive up to a 15% premium discount by successfully participating in the SAM programs. Each individual SAM program can provide a 5% discount up to a maximum of 15%.

There are 9 different SAM programs an employer can choose from.

  1. Certified Safety Management System
  2. Drug-Free Workplace Program
  3. Learning Management System
  4. Return to Work/Designate Medical Provider Program
  5. Safe Drive Program
  6. Safe Lift Program
  7. Safety Committee Program
  8. Safety Orientation Program
  9. Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Program

OECS can work with you and your team to participate in the SIPs or you can reach out to your WSI representative for more information. Give us a call or email:, (701)240-6610,, (701) 371-4868.