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Member Investment Pays For Itself

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by IAN BEATON, Labor Masters

HBA Ambassadors Chair

There are so many ways the HBA of F-M saves you money and helps your business grow. Besides all the incredible networking opportunities, advertising discounts, health insurance, education classes and office building services, there are a few other incentives you might not know about. They can put green back into your pocket easily, quickly and efficiently. Here are two incredibly effective examples.


Your HBA membership gives you access to new vehicle rebates from several manufacturers through the National Association of Home Builders. The most common is $500-$1,000 and a few others are up to $9,500 on fleet purchases. 

Blake Wrigley, owner of Wrigley Mechanical and BDT Mechanical, Inc. (formerly Grant's Mechanical), has leveraged it to pay his $675 membership dues seven times over. When HBA Business Coordinator Spencer Carlson reached out to him recently, this is how the conversation went:

Spencer: Hey Blake! I just wanted to check in with you on your membership and see how things are going.


Blake: I bought seven vehicles this year and saved about $5,000 with those rebates. It was a benefit that I didn’t even know about. It’s just another tool to saving some money down the road, too.


Spencer: So you are saying it’s well worth the membership investment in HBA?


Blake: That’s right! Definitely worth the membership right there alone! 


Luckily, the dealership asked if Blake was a member of the HBA, otherwise that $5,000 would have been missed. Spencer and I, and every HBA Ambassador, wants to ensure that doesn’t happen and all members are aware of the incentives possible.

Along with the vehicle rebates there are discounts on vehicle rentals, building materials, business supplies and shipping services. NAHB members saved over $25 million last year alone. Check out your options at

Blake Wrigley is pictured with three of the several vehicles he bought recently, leveraging his HBA of F-M benefits to save about $5,000.


Membership also includes a rebate program for builders and remodelers including over 50 leading manufacturer brands through the North Dakota Association of Builders. The NDAB Member Rebate Program pays out quarterly with an average rebate of $1,472.55 in 2019.

No receipts are necessary just register, submit a claim, and receive a check Jordahl Custom Homes, Inc., has been participating in the Rebate Program for nearly 10 years.

Suzie Rohde, executive vice president at Jordahl, says, "This program is designed for homebuilders/remodelers. Over the years, the list of suppliers and manufacturers continued to grow, which ultimately puts money back in the customer’s pocket. We have routinely more than paid for our membership in the HBA by using this program. It is very easy to enroll to see if you are installing items or products that qualify. The NDAB team is extremely responsive and very thorough with all questions to make sure no rebate money is left on the table."

There’s the scoop! Please contact Spencer if you’d like to discuss leveraging your membership investment.

He, as a staff person, and I, as HBA Ambassadors chair, want to help and be there for you in whatever way makes the most sense: (701) 232-5846 or