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~disable Top 3 Tips To Ace Our Golf Outings

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HBA of F-M Golf Outings are consistently our most popular member networking events. There’s just something magical about summertime, sunshine, fresh air and chasing that little white ball - all while connecting with our peers and trade partners.

The 2021 Golf Outings will be July 12 and Aug. 2 at Oxbow Country Club. Here are our top three tips for ’21!


1. Promote yourself! Sponsor.

Get a head start to register your team. As of April 1, confirmed sponsors can sign up for a foursome. The membership at large begins registration May 3. With outings consistently selling out, it is advantageous to slide in early.

With two sold-out events, sponsorships put you in front of 288 golfers! If you are looking for ROI, this is it! Each sponsorship level covers both event days, doubling your opportunity to get in front of your fellow HBA members

2. Say “hi” to Every. Single. Golfer!

If you choose to sponsor a hole, host a game! It is a prime opportunity to meet everybody on the course.

Be creative, maximize your brand and give something away. Last year, Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity hit all three: They used a selfie photo frame, a branded tent and signage. Plus, they challenged golfers to “Drive it Home,” giving a $200 prize to ReStore for whoever landed the ball closest to their sign.


Pete Christopher, resource development & marketing manager says,

“We sponsored a hole for the first time and we will definitely be doing it again this year. We had a great time and it provided us an opportunity to share a bit about our mission with people who can have a great, and immediate, impact on the number of families we can serve each year."

3. Put on your party pants.

We welcome golfers of all abilities, encourage shenanigans, laughing and an all-around good time. HBA members know how to have fun! Whether you sponsor or host a game, we don’t need to tell you how light-hearted a golf outing is. HBA members bring it to the next level with entertaining competitions on the holes and camaraderie. 

Click here to access the sponsorship form or contact Allison Weckman at (701) 232-5846.