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City Administrators Corner - July

Category: Build-Remodel-Topics

Dilworth seeks innovative ways to meet housing, commercial needs

written by L. Peyton Mastera, Dilworth city administrator


Residential building in Dilworth is continuing at its normal pattern, a small lag when compared to the metro cities. Supply chain issues have also slowed down our building industry; however, there are some permits being purchased and single-family homes being built.

Multi-family housing is seeing some action in our community with a 72-unit complex being built on the east side of town and a workforce housing project of 44 units, recently approved.


In July, the City Council approved the addition of 12 townhomes on 3rd Avenue NW.

On the commercial front, phase one of a new strip mall in the Rail District was completed last year. This new building includes a coffee shop, butcher shop, and home décor store. Another storefront is on its way across the road. Additionally, renovations are beginning for Tractor Supply Company to be moving into the old Office Max building and U-Haul is seeking approval in August for a five-story building and other enhancements at the corner of County Road 9 and Highway 10.

Dilworth’s partnership with Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity has led to another home being built this summer. This will be the third in the past four years, with potential for more.

Dilworth is always looking to find innovative ways to meet housing and commercial needs. I, and the rest of the city staff are always available to listen and discuss! You can contact me at (218) 287-2313.