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Building Officials Corner - Sept

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Pandemic allows for greater flexibility

written by Steve Schroeder, Dilworth building inspector


In smaller communities I believe it is vital builders and prospective home buyers know their building official on a first-name basis, and that goes into the customer service we provide.

I have had the privilege of being the building inspector in Dilworth for 13 years.

During this time, I have seen tremendous residential growth (Summerwood, Woodbridge, and Keystone first come to mind).  These subdivisions help spur new residential and commercial growth, with now a new commercial corridor being established with neighborhood amenities that homeowners are taking advantage. 

The pandemic has allowed for greater flexibility and better service convenience.

We now provide for the ability (if necessary) to provide inspection services digitally. Our turn-around times for plan review and permitting have remained extremely fast; from initial submission to a building permit in hand five days or less. All forms are available on-line and staff is well equipped to assist through the submission process.    

Like most rural city inspectors, I represent multiple communities. However, I am in the city of Dilworth every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for on-site inspection and meetings. Additionally, I am available any other day of the week by phone or email.

I hope everyone has a great fall and we look forward to you building in Dilworth!