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Member of the Quarter: Bob Miller

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His electric personality shines brightly

Bob Miller considers himself to be a quiet person who does not like the spotlight. However, meeting him in person reveals someone very much at ease around people.

Carrie Schwanke, HBA member relations & office coordinator, says, “I recently had the pleasure of working with Bob at the Muddy Boots Picnic held at Cass County Electric and his personality drew people to him, although I think his ice cream goodies didn’t hurt either.”

“Member of the Quarter” recognition is a means for HBA of F-M staff to shine a spotlight on members who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty, eagerly volunteering their time for the betterment of the Association or Home Builders Care of F-M Foundation while promoting themselves within the community.


Above: Bob smiles for a photo at the HBA's High Noon Shootout last summer.


Bob serves as business accounts executive for Cass County Electric Cooperative and is an active member involved with many aspects of the HBA. When asked why he encourages others to join he gives two reasons: the ability to network with other businesses in the industry and being able to stay current with local concerns.

When asked about his involvement with the HBA, Bob says,

“The businesses involved with the HBA are important to the community and our business, and we want to work with them to ensure the best for our communities.”

His words of advice for others who are considering getting involved in the HBA are, “It’s a great way to be involved in the community and an opportunity to gain leadership skills.”


Above: Members participate in a truck inspection educational session at the HBA. Bob Miller assisted in securing a Cass County Electric rig for use during the class.


Krista Mund, HBA executive vice president says,

“Bob is a boots-on-the-ground volunteer that staff can rely on to assist behind the scenes! He’s always willing to step up.”

He is vice chair of the Education Committee and has assisted with several learning sessions including providing ladders for a safety course and a truck/trailer with mini excavator to be a sample inspection for a roadside inspection class. Bob is excited to come to meetings and actively participates, contributing valuable ideas and insights to planning for classes. He has many connections in the industry that are helpful in finding instructors and developing topics.


Above: Miller talks about electric vehicles at the Red River Valley Home & Garden Show.

Outside of the Education Committee, Cass County Electric Cooperative is extremely supportive and a partner in many events including the Parades of Homes (as driveway sponsor), the Muddy Boots Picnic (as host) and our new High Noon Shootout event this year (as a sponsor and an attendee).

Cass County Electric faces many challenges in the energy industry including educating the public on how it is providing reliable and affordable power. The recent Texas event is top of mind for many people, but according to Bob, there was a lot of misinformation from different sources. CCEC continues to educate their members on its reliable power sources and investing in new technology to have a secure energy future.

In his spare time, Bob likes spending time at his farm with his girlfriend Heidi and his 13-year-old son, Clay. He also enjoys the outdoors, whether it is riding motorcycle, hunting or skiing.

More about Cass County Electric: Founded in 1937 and headquartered in Fargo, Cass County Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit, member-owned electric distribution system serving more than 54,000 services in a 10-county area in southeastern North Dakota. Cass County Electric Cooperative has five service centers: Fargo, Kindred, Valley City, Lisbon and Arthur. Bob works with commercial accounts and some agricultural accounts (existing and new) regarding CCEC member programs and services, such as the demand response/generator program, rate analysis, energy advising and electric vehicles/EV chargers.

More about Education Committee: The Education Committee leads the HBA’s educational sessions, sourcing interesting topics and speakers, and masterminds the Association’s continuing education sessions required for licensing, plus more.

written by Carrie Schwanke, Member Relations & Office Coordinator