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August Building Officials Corner

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Permits, North Dakota code

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written by Mike Blevins, MCP, CBO, CPI, Midwest Inspections Services


As our rural communities continue to see exponential growth, one of the most common questions we receive is, "Do we need a permit and what code is used?" North Dakota’s adopted building code provides prescriptive measures for the safe development of residential and commercial projects in all our local jurisdictions.

We encourage all builders and owners to contact their local city, township, or county to determine if permits are required prior to beginning work. This can help minimize unneeded delays and keep projects on track.

Please keep in mind certain localities will amend the state code with specific requirements for their community. These can be found on the city’s website under the city’s adopted ordinance. Whether or not a jurisdiction has a permit process, the state building code requirements still apply. We encourage all contractors to become familiar with local codes and ordinances to avoid costly mistakes.

Access the 2023 North Dakota Building Code book here.

We are often asked what communities we serve and complete inspection services in. We are excited to share that with all the new growth in our area—we now serve as the building code administrator for the following jurisdictions:

Valley City, Barnes County, Casselton Township, Everest Township, Harmony Township, Barrie Township, Walcott Township, Stanley Township, City of Casselton, City of Mapleton, City of Kindred, City of Oxbow, City of Hillsboro and commercial mechanical / building inspections in the City of Horace.

 If you are planning to complete work in these jurisdictions, please give us a call. We look forward to working with you.